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Astro Coding – Mission completed!

We’ve just completed our Astro Science Challenge mission all about coding, it’s been great fun and we’ve all learnt a lot – including Miss Platts!

You can check out our work on the Mission displays out in the main atrium, but here’s a taster of some of our fantastic web pages made about Tim Peake, just using the programming language of HTML and CSS.

This is the coding language we had to type to create our web pages. HTML built the basic page and we used CSS to create the design.
Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 06.52.11

Some examples!
Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 23.10.19

Zuzanna Ade

Harry Jaimie

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  1. frey@ Reply

    I really enjoyed our astro coding mission, class 9 did a great job!!!!!! It was so fun

  2. Mollie Reply

    I really liked doing coding and I’m going to do more of it!

  3. Betsy Reply

    That was my first time coding, so I was quite scared at first, but I soon started to get used to it and enjoyed the lesson.

  4. Helen Reply

    I really enjoyed making these websites mine is the pink one in the pictures.

  5. Onett Reply

    My favourite mission was by far the astro coding mission since I really enjoy coding. I learnt a lot since this programming language was completely new but I think I managed well. I would really like to do some more ICT in the future.

  6. Dan Reply

    Coding was so fun and I loved using HTML and CSS. 😀

  7. Josh G Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the Astro coding :]

  8. ralph Reply

    I fawnd it vary fun :):)

  9. Ade Reply

    I thougt that we did well with ours.

  10. lucas Reply

    Coding was AWESOME!!!!!;)

  11. Jake Reply

    I enjoyed using HTML and CSS

  12. Joe Reply

    This mission was definitely the best yet and I really enjoyed it

  13. Jacob Reply

    I really enjoyed this task, can we do more amazing lessons like this soon? 🙂 😀 😉

  14. Scarlet Reply


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