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Christine Shelton (Teaching Assistant)

My name is Christine Shelton and I have been a TA at school for many, many years (pre-fire). I have worked in all classes over the years but at present work in Class 3 with  Miss Plews. I went to Joseph  Rowntree’s school with a pupil I was working with and Miss Plews was in the same year as him!!

 Over the years I have helped children with their artwork and find it amazing what beautiful art they can produce at such a young age. I love working with children. Everyday is different and very rewarding, seeing the children learn and develop through to year 6.  I am also a non-teaching Governor.
I have two sons, both came to Park Grove and remember their days here with fondness.(Whether the teachers have the same memory is doubtful!). At home I like to read and garden. I enjoy days at the coast whatever the weather. I enjoy eating out with friends and family.
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