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High Adventure

What was your favourite part of our great adventure?

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  1. Archie Reply

    Canoeing, caving and weaselling

  2. Sam Reply

    From my high adventure trip I enjoyed the labrynth and caving, how I could fit through small spaces was amazing. When I got
    onto the platform in high ropes it was quite creeky and my instincts were telling me I was going to fall. I loved doing the talent show, I did a play,a coronation street play and I was a bandit raiding a pub. At the end of the play I was spray painting and I got hit on the head by one guy who I had mugged.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Sounds like you had a fabulous time whilst we were missing you at home Sam!

  3. Jaydon Reply

    My favourite bit was high rope , caving and climbing

  4. Bethan Reply

    I loved it all but my favourite bit was the talent show and the high wires!

  5. moya Reply

    I really enjoyed every aspect of high adventure but if I had to pick one bit I would definitely choose caving because I did loads of things I thought I never would have done.

  6. Erin Reply

    I really liked the caving, weaseling, climbing and the talent show!

  7. Thomas Reply

    I loved every bit of high adventure but if I had to choose one activity I would choose labrynth and caving.

  8. Isabella Reply

    I really liked the talent show, weaseling and caving.

  9. ROBERT Reply

    I liked caving it’s my naturel talent

  10. libby Reply

    I hope you had a great time at high adventure 🙂

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