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All quiet…..?

It’s all gone a bit quiet on this blog! We hope you are still reading it though. The children have been very busy of course and make us smile every day.
We’re still enjoying the ‘chocolate’ playdough and the vehicles on the construction site in the centre of the classroom have led to lots of conversation. The water tray has seen lots of visitors too and we’ve been exploring the language of capacity.
We’ve also enjoyed the children’s favourite toys in our ‘Show and Tell’ sessions. We’re getting better at asking questions and the children are speaking clearly to the whole class. It’s quite a skill and we’re improving all the time.
If you are reading the blog please consider writing something!
We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Anna magson Reply

    Maisie has been very busy she is non stop when she gets home! she bought a new book with her world day token . The Gingerbread Man maybe she might bring it in to read on her last day of class 1. sorry were leaving we will miss you all!

  2. Anna Magson Reply

    Thankyou everyone from class 1 who helped make Maisie’s card it was fantastic, we will miss you but will promise to always keep in touch on your blog. Have a great weekend . thankyou mrs jolly and miss lamb x

    • class1 Reply

      We’ll miss you all. We hope to hear lots about what Maisie is doing at her new school. So yes, please do keep in touch with us. Hope the house move went ok for ‘Raptor’. It must be a big upheaval for a hamster. We’d love to hear how he’s getting on too!
      Very best wishes, Class 1

  3. class4 Reply

    I really enjoyed coming in and seeing class 1 doing their funky fingers. It looked like lots if fun and a great way to make your fingers and arms really strong!

    Mrs Hearson

    • class1 Reply

      Yes, we love it and One Direction is our favourite band so that’s why we chose that music for our ‘dough gym’.
      The children love all the different activities and it’s a graet way to start the day!

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