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School Council Minutes 25th November 2013


Chair: William and Bethan

Vice-chair: Travis

Treasurer: Ben

Secretary: Holly

Chief-bloggers: Toby, Olivia and Mani

Special Project Managers: Katie and Fletcher 



Ben Brannigan, Bethan Parkinson, Ellen Jones, Elliot Jones, Fletcher Pendry, Holly Allison, Jacob McCullough, Katerina Savokic, Katie Clark, Manon Hollingworth, Mani Cobb, Moya Coughlan, Mr Mastrelli, Olivia Bryan, Rylie Ackroyd, Shamim Kennedy, Toby McKee, Travis Bradford and William Clark.


Miss Sawyer, Miss Tilbury and Travis Bradford.


 Register of Attendees

Holly made a note of those present.

 Christmas fair

Mr Mastrelli received the letter from Toby about the cones to hold popcorn in.

Classes are doing well with the treat-filled jam jars.

It was suggested that the lucky dip at the Christmas Fair could do to be bigger.

 Suggestion boxes

Class 5: The upstairs water-fountains don’t work and could do to be repaired.

Class 6: Children should have pencil cases if the class teacher agrees. Key Stage 2 children should do some baking, possibly on a Thursday.

Class 9: More time should be allocated for children to eat their school dinners. The School Council discussed this and most members strongly agreed.

 Any other business

It was mentioned that the xylophone sticks had disappeared and the children would like them back.

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