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School Council Minutes – Wednesday 14th January 9am


  • Register
  • Money from fair (£225)
  • Playground equipment
  • Dinner bands
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Any Other Business


To start, Mollie read the register.With the money from the fair (£225) for all classes, we want to buy 4 iPad ‘s. The iPad’s we have now we used for taking pictures (for class 4) and maths work and science work.We all need to start using the iPad’s more in all classes.Also we made more money than we did last year at the school council stall, Christmas fair.

The new playground equipment, we got last year with the money we raised,is apparently being used badly. Well done, Ms Sawyer  has had no balls hit on her window so keep it up.Playground buddies are going to talk to the dinner ladies about getting it out more.

All the hot dinner bands we ordered have come (100 more).It took a lot of nagging.We have not ordered any grab bag bands as we already have lots of them.

Need to try and get more home school agreement and try to remind classes to get them in.Extreme reading photos are being judged by Mr Stoner  and Ms Sawyer and will be announced next week.

Meeting dismissed.

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  1. Miss Bird Reply

    You will be pleased to hear that I have been working on installing a program onto the teacher’s laptops which will mean that the iPads are used more in class.

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