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Next Meeting – Thursday 4th February 2016 9am

The next meeting will be held in the boardroom on Thursday 4th February at 9am. Please can you ensure your class has written a new suggestion for us to discuss. Mr Mastrelli

School Council Minutes – Wednesday 19th January 2016

Agenda  Suggestions Apologies-Miss Sawyer Register A.O.B   Suggestions Class 9-More space on coat pegs and an effort to keep cloakrooms tidy. Need to ensure space is used more effectively. Class 8-Tennis or Badminton club. The Tennis possible in the summer but not Badminton at...

Next Meeting – Tuesday 19th January 2015 9am

Our first School Council meeting of 2016 will be on Tuesday 19th January  at 9am in the boardroom. Please ensure the suggestion box from your class is brought to the meeting, complete with a new suggestion! Mr Mastrelli

School Council Minutes – Wednesday 9th December 9am

Wednesday 9th December Agenda Register Apologies-None Money How much money?-We have £400 from last year’s School Council Sweet Stall but we need to give £50 to Mrs Jacobi which means that we will have £350 left. We made £215 this year so it means that we will have at least £700....

School Council Minutes – Wednesday 2nd December 9am

Wednesday 2nd December Agenda Register Apologies-Mr Mastrelli Bagging up sweets Today we bagged up sweets for our School Council Sweet Stall on Friday. AOB Today there was no AOB because of the sweets.

Next Meeting – Thursday 26th November 9am

Our next meeting is on Thursday 26th November at 9am in the boardroom. We will be talking about our stall at the upcoming Christmas fair! Mr Mastrelli

PTA Books

We were very lucky in class 1 today as the PTA came to present us with a brand new book for each reception child. We are incredibly grateful for this generous gift and we would like to say another huge ‘Thank You!’. Miss Sawyer also came to see us and read ‘5...

School Council Meeting Minutes – Thursday 3rd November 9am

Thursday 3rd November 2015 9 am Agenda Apologies:None Suggestions Children in Need Children in Need Children in Need is coming up next week we need to decide what to do. Peoples suggestions for it :Dress up as Pudsey, do a cake stall, a fun run, £1 donation.  Suggestions Clean...