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Curiosity Club Week 2

Yesterday the Curiosity Club investigated fantastic fingerprints with a simple investigation. They wanted to check whether everyone’s fingerprints in the club are different.

Reuben and Olivia will now explain what the children did:

We discuss whether everyone has different fingerprints.  We got our equipment which was…

Coco powder , self raising flower , sellotape , ink , white paper and black paper.

First we stuck the black sheet of paper in the middle of the white paper.

Next we put self raising flower onto the table. We made 5 little pieces of sellotape .

After that, we put each finger 1 by 1 into the self raising flower and then put each finger onto the sellotape. We did the same with the  coco and the ink. Some of us had either or some of a bit of whorl, arch and loop.

Are you a Whorl, an Arch or a Loop?

Well done to the members of the club who are all fantastic fingerprinters!

– Miss Land.

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  1. reuben Reply

    It is awsome

  2. Ella Reply

    Sounds interesting!

  3. Sophie Reply

    That sounds soooo cool!

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