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Sensational Stone Age Projects…

Friday afternoon saw each Class 8 member share and explore our latest homework projects, which were all different and creative representations of Stone Age adventures. I think everyone will agree that these were the most creative, exciting and tasty homework projects we have all shared so far this year!


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  1. Ella! Reply

    Yes, they were really cool homework projects! Gingerbread tastes nice! 😉

  2. Mollie Reply

    I think that everyone’s homework projects were really creative and cool! I really enjoyed looking at everybody’s projects because each one was different and awesome. ;D

    • Poppy Walker Reply

      I agree with MOLLIE;)

  3. rosa Reply

    Molly’s biscuits were amazing and so was Sophie and Betsy’s cake,Yum!

  4. Marcus Reply

    I loved this homework project as I made stonehenge which is one of my favourite prehistoric monuments

  5. Logan Clark Reply

    This was fun and very tasty and all of the projects were great but i mainly liked Ralph’s Stonealisa(Stone Age Monalisa)

  6. Poppy Walker Reply

    This was one of my best and most fun projects I’ve ever done because I did a volcano and the island I went to when I went back in time.

  7. Cora Wareh Reply

    I am really glad that edible homework projects are becoming popular because it gives us a nice and tasty way to learn!

  8. Sophia Reply

    There were some unbelievabe projects! Mollies bisciuts were so tasty and I loved Millies drawings, they were fantastic!

  9. lucas Reply

    I really enjoyed looking at all of the Stone Age pieces of homework,because some of the art that was put into the project was outstanding. I liked everyones.

  10. Isidora Reply

    Moly’s gingerbread was tasty,so was Sophie and Betsy’s cake.
    I also liked Elliot’s Stone Age camp and Marcus’ Stonehenge + tardis! 🙂

    • pujani Reply

      i agree 🙂

  11. H@rley N Reply

    I really enjoyed creating these homework projects and a lot of others were amazing as well

  12. jasmine Reply

    All the projects looked really good

  13. Annabelle.M Reply

    I liked this project as it let me express creativity in an artistic way and i liked making up the story’s alot too.

  14. elliot lawrence Reply

    This was one of the best homework projects I ever made and
    it took me the whole two weeks!

  15. callie Reply

    I really enjoyed doing this homework

  16. minnie Reply

    I extremely enjoyed showing and making my homework project as I did a moving character (the moving character was a mini me) story book! where on each page there was a pocket and information about the picture on the top of the page. The pocket is for putting the mini me inside! well done everyone your homework was amazing, each of you!

  17. Betsy Reply

    Well done everyone, your projects were amazing and creative, I loved looking at them!

  18. reuben Reply

    Everyones was so epic!

  19. pujani Reply

    every ones projects was fantastic, well done

  20. millie rose larbey Reply

    Everyones homework was amazing and everyone had a amazing different idea.

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