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Perfect Presentations!

On the last Friday of half term, Park Grove Year 6’s gave presentations to other Year 6’s about what they did during their trip to either NatWest or John Lewis. The NatWest group presented the range of different activities they did, such as creating their own cafe and to try and sell their restaurants to the “Dragons” like on Dragons Den! The group that won got given a “cheque of 10,000 pounds”. The John Lewis group showed their businesss plans for the product they were given to make money from. They also displayed lots of pictures of them at the John Lewis store. Some people who helped the children and who were there with them at the different trips came to see their presentations, and the Year 5’s also watched the Year 6 presentations and marked them on a checklist. All the children really enjoyed presenting on the last day of term as it made our day and whole half term end on a high!

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  1. Poppy Walker Reply

    This was really fun giving each group marks on how we thought they did on presenting it. Also seeing what they did on the day.

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