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School council

Thank you to everyone who applied to be class 4’s school council rep. We all voted for the girl and boy we thought would do the best job and the children with most votes were Jacob and Olivia. Well done! Remember if you didn’t win you can try again next year.

Don’t forget to tell our reps how you think we could  make our school better and your ideas could be discussed at school council meetings.

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I think some of class 4 could start replying to blogs…. What do you think class 4? Are you ready?

  2. Isidora Reply

    I am sorry I am not a school council rep but I think Olivia and Jacob will be really good.

    • class4 Reply

      You would have been really good too Isidora. I hope you try again next year.

  3. Mr Currie Reply

    Congratulations Jacob and Olivia. Good choice class 4!

  4. class3 Reply

    Well done Jacob and Olivia! I think they will be fantastic on the school council.

    Miss Plews

  5. poppy vint. Reply

    i wanted to be on the school council. but jacob and olivia were picked . that is okay

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