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Sensational shoe size investigation

On Wednesday afternoon class nine worked on an investigation about finding measurements of people’s foot sizes! We drew tables to compare our results, and made sure that we were triple checking our data. To ensure reliable results, we focused on appropriate predictions. To allow a fair test, it was important to include the variables to give accurate results of foot sizes.

Class 9 – what did you find out from your investigation? Did you make a correct prediction? Were your results surprising?

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  1. Ellen Reply

    i found out that there isn’t much in the size of year 6’s feet

  2. Ellen Reply

    our prediction was…

  3. Ellen Reply

    wrong 🙁

  4. Ellen Reply

    the results were quite odd

  5. Ellen Reply

    then again we did only measure tall people from class 8

  6. Ellen Reply

    (not purposefully)

    • oscar (school council) :P Reply

      There are lots of tall people in Class 8!

  7. jasmine Reply

    our prediction was correct

  8. jasmine Reply

    we found out that class 9 year six have bigger shoe sizes than class 8 year six

  9. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    I found out that I have quite big feet compared to everyone else we measured.

  10. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    Our prediction was that Class 9 would have larger shoe sizes than Class 8.

  11. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    And it was correct!

  12. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    I found it all really fun!

  13. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    The whole class was pandemonium with shoe measuring – that was one of the best parts!

  14. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    I really enjoy science!

  15. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    Especially when it’s practical.

  16. Harvey Reply

    I loved it. 🙂

  17. Jade and kiko Reply

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  18. jessie Reply

    I enjoyed this science experience because it was so fun!! 🙂

  19. jessie Reply

    I found out a lot that I never knew before.

  20. Harvey and jessie Reply

    I like the science lesson. 🙂 🙂

  21. jessie Reply

    I do really wish we can do something like that again soon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙁

  22. H@rvey Reply

    I loved the part of the lesson that I was in. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Elle ? Reply

    I really enjoyed writing the blog Miss Platts,I was really excited when I saw it, it is like seeing yourself on TV!?

  24. Elle ? Reply

    In my investigation I measured my foot Paninos but a little sports and Livys foot, our results were mixed up as part of it was wrong and part of it was right!

  25. Elle ? Reply

    I’m really sorry that was a bad type accident?

  26. Elle ? Reply

    I meant to say- in my investigation I measured my foot Polina’s foot Livy’s foot and Ella’s foot our prediction was half wrong and half correct because we got mixed up results.

  27. Elle ? Reply

    Ella and Livy got the same average results as they both had the same amount and length of size Ella how right foot 26 and her left foot 27 Livy had her right foot 27 and her left foot 26

  28. Elle ? Reply

    In our group Palena got the smallest results as her foot size was the lowest result and the smallest in our investigation I had the second smallest feet.

  29. Elle ? Reply

    I think it was fun and I enjoyed using the measuring tape to feel professional & scientific!

  30. Elle ? Reply

    Next time it would be fun to do an experiment again so that we can set out our work like we did in this investigation

  31. Shannon gatenby Reply

    I love science experiments as you don’t know what’s going to happen, our groups prediction was wrong? But we had a lot of fun measuring people’s shoe siizes and I also found it fun working with class 8 as it gave us a chance to work with people we never get to work with

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