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Theatre Trip!

What a fantastic day Class 8! We got a fabulous tour around the theatre, wrote radio adverts full of reasons for coming to the theatre and played many fun and exciting drama games.

What do you enjoy about the day? What did you learn?

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  1. William Reply

    I really enjoyed learning all about persuasive writing and also sitting in the orditouriam!

  2. Ava Reply

    I learnt lots about persuasive writing.It was really fun. 😀

  3. Joseph Reply

    I really liked when we had to say we were stupid in a very serious way! (:

  4. mae Reply

    i thought it was fun when we were on the stage because it was on such a high angle. I learnt how to use persuasive language.

  5. abby Reply

    i enjoyed selling things to people Gibberish it was really fun!

  6. Molly Reply

    I enjoyed it all but the main thing that i really enjoyed was going on stage and then doing acting

  7. gaurie Reply

    My favorite bit was doing the drama at the end.I learnt how the communications department spread the word about different plays. 😀

  8. khai Reply

    i had a good field trip because i got to explore the whole thearte and i’ve never been in the york thearte royal

  9. jake Reply

    it was awesome , i loved drama

  10. Alexander Reply

    I learnt lots of persuasive words like book now! My favorite part was the tour because we went in be-hide the scenes!

  11. Tomas Reply

    I thought the tour was really good and I enjoyed the drama activities!

  12. Jacob Reply

    My favorite part of the trip was having the tour around the hole theater!

  13. Jaimie Reply

    I really enjoyed making the drama advert and learnt a lot about the futuristic theatre and its history. I hope it turns out as good as it sounds!

  14. Oleg Reply

    I loved everything but I learnt a couple off phrases just like “order tickets now” because somebody might not order tickets because they might forget if you say “if you want you can order tickets now but that’s not compulsory”.

  15. olivia Reply

    My Favorite part was the tour

  16. Holly Reply

    I loved the activities we did in the afternoon and learnt many new things too.

    I would like to thank our tour guides too.

  17. dylan Reply

    i enjoyed going to the studios

  18. Katy Reply

    I loved the tour as it was led well and also learnt about persuasive writing thanks to Lauren! 🙂

  19. lucas Reply


  20. mae Reply

    I really enjoyed all the activities we did! I wish we could go again. My favorite part was when we went on stage and it was on a really massive slant and I almost fell over.

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