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Travelling to the South Pole…

Today we wrote a guide for traveling to the South Pole. How can you get there from York? What is there to see?

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  1. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    I would really enjoy going on the Zodiac Cruise and seeing the penguins.

  2. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    I really enjoyed the lesson!
    😀 🙂 :-L

  3. mani Reply

    If I went to the South Pole I would go sea kayaking and see the penguins. 🙂

  4. ben br Reply

    if I went I would want to see baby penguins

  5. Chelsea Reply

    You could get there by traveling to London Heathrow then getting a flight to Argentina. Then go to Buenios Aries and finally go on a ship to the south pole.

    There I lots of wildlife to see in the south pole like penguins, birds, there are different views and the icy mountains.

  6. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    I would really like to go.

  7. Ben Be Reply

    To get to the south pole you have to catch a flight from London Heathrow to Buenos Aires, then travel 3 hours south to the most southern point of Argentina and get a boat from there to get to the south pole.

  8. stanley Reply

    It was quite tricky to think of all the different items you need to tack with you to survive the Antarctic we also learnt about people that made it to the south pole too.

  9. kyran Reply

    It would be scary traveling to the South Pole

  10. Molly Reply

    Drive/take the train to London and take a direct flight from Heathrow Airport to the most northern part of Sweden. Then take a ferry to the south pole.

  11. Joe Reply

    I would go in march because its sunny and you can see all the sea life better!

  12. Osc@r :D Reply

    To get there
    1. Either take the train or the car to London
    2. Get the Tube or a taxi to Heathrow Terminal 5
    3. Fly British Airways directly to Buenos Aires
    4. Take the train to the south most Argentinian city, Ushuaia
    5. Take the boat to the Antarctica, season in November to March!

    Food and drink you might want
    Tea, coffee, chocolate, varying vegetable soup, butter, sugar, dried milk and drinking chocolate!
    :):D 😛 😉

  13. Kian Reply

    You could get to the South Pole by:
    1. Go to London Heathrow
    2. Get a flight to Airs Buenos
    3. Then go to Ushuaia
    4. After that get a ship to the South Pole

  14. Kyle and Travis Reply

    How to get there:
    1. Got to London Heathrow airport,
    2. To get a direct route to Buenos Aires,
    3. Then drive down to Ushuaia,
    4. Get aboard a boat to the South Pole,

    What there is to see:
    1. Slipping and sliding penguins splashing around the Ocean,
    2. Jumping Dolphins and massive whales.
    3. on the way you will see packs of Wolves.

  15. Sam Salter Reply

    If I go to the Antarctic I would see the cute and cuddly baby penguins.

  16. Lucy Reply

    If I went to the South Pole I would like to:
    Go skiing,
    Watch the penguins and
    Ice football!

  17. kyran Reply

    if I want to the south pole I would look at the penguins and all the animals

  18. Nicola (Playground Buddy) Reply

    Go to London Heathrow and get a plane to Buenos Aires. Get a train to Ushuaia. Get a boat to South Pole.

  19. Emma Reply

    I would get there by:
    1.Train to Manchester
    2.Get taxi to Manchester airport
    3.Go to the South Pole

    What to see:
    3.Sea lions
    4.Avoid polar bear

  20. lauren charlesworth Reply

    I really enjoyed this session

  21. Amalie Reply

    I would have chocoate and take loads of COOL photos GET IT GEt IT COOL.?!

    • Amalie Reply

      I LOVE THE COLD so Antartica would be the place

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