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Welcome to Class 5!

Welcome to the first blog of what is certainly going to be the best class in the school. I hope you have all enjoyed your summer holiday and are looking forward to the year ahead.

See you all tomorrow, bright and early!

Mr Mastrelli

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  1. Logan Reply

    Mr Mastrelli is the best teacher in the world!

  2. Betsy Reply

    Thank you for welcoming me to the class

  3. chelsea Reply

    Class5 is the best class in the world.

  4. Harry Reply

    Mr Mastrelli is extremely good at teaching.

  5. Lucia. Reply

    Mr.Mastrelli you are the best teacher in the world.

  6. Betsy Reply


  7. Reuben Reply

    CLASS 5 ROCKS i am ready for class 5.COOL

  8. Joe.w Reply

    this is the best class [class5] in the world!!! “Yeah!!”

  9. Ben Reply

    Mr Mastrelli rools like this class5

  10. Sophia Reply

    Iam looking forward to being in class 5.CAN’T WAIT!

  11. Logan Reply

    I love this class!!!

  12. Betsy Reply

    I love class5, yey

  13. Sophie Reply

    Hey thank you for inviting me into class 5!

  14. Onett Reply

    CLASS 5 RULES !!!
    I am ready for some hard maths and
    history homework.
    Some very fun english.

  15. Manon Reply

    Mr Mastrelli is so cool and he does really fun and epic work.He somtimes makes are work really hard but not all the time.We get lots of rewards for diffrent reasons and there is a pen licence.

  16. Lewkas Reply

    Wednesday 4/9/13 was cool and the best! And the English WOW! I loved it. I will try class5 again. To Mr Mastrelli

  17. !!!MANI!!! Reply

    You are right mr.Mastrelli this is the best class. I am having a AWSOMLY EPIC TIME!!!are you having a great time aswell?

    • class5 Reply

      Yes Mani, I am having a great time too!

  18. Stanley Reply

    Hi tomorow it is my 3rd day in yaer4 in class5 I had 2 brileant
    days and the 3rd will be the best.

  19. lucas Reply

    how much pe and homework can we do?

    • class5 Reply

      We will be doing lots of P.E. and exciting homework projects this year Lucas.

  20. Freddie Reply

    class5 is the best class ever

  21. Mollie Reply

    CLASS 5 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is my first class upstairs.So exciting.I love it!!!!!

  22. Betsy Reply

    School is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sophie Reply

    I love Class5 so far, it’s so exciting!!!!!!!!

  24. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I am really looking forward to going into class 5 .

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