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We started our new topic on Vikings and Anglo-Saxons this week and thought about what we already knew and what questions we’d like to find out the answers to.  What are the questions you’d like to research this term?

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  1. Millie Reply

    What form of letters did they use and what did they use to write them?

  2. M@NI Reply

    🙂 I really like the vikings 😉 😀

  3. Onett Reply

    Did the vikings have Kings and Queens?

    How many battles did the Anglo-Saxons have with the Vikings?

  4. Ben Be Reply

    My question was did they have armies?

  5. Chelsea Reply

    My question was what type of clothes did the vikings wear?

  6. amber Reply

    how far did vikings roam?

  7. sophia Reply

    I would like to find out, why Anglo Saxons are called that?

  8. Kian Reply

    What was the population of the Anglo-Saxons?

  9. oscar (school council) Reply

    I wanted to know since Anglo-Saxons were monks, what was their religion? ;D 😛 😉

  10. Scarlet Reply

    What language did the Anglo Saxons speak?

  11. Jasmine and Ben Bran Reply

    Ben:I would like to know if they (the Anglo Saxons) defended well against attacks?

    Jasmine:What sort of livestock did the Vikings have?

  12. Molly Reply

    Did the Anglo-Saxons have glass?
    How come Viking women were taught how to fight but weren’t aloud to join in the battles?

  13. Harry :) Reply

    Were the Anglo Saxons lives similar to the Vikings?

  14. Helen Reply

    I knew before that Viking and Anglo Saxons had fairly clean teeth because they didn’t have much sugar.

  15. lucy Reply

    My question was how often did the Vikings invade the Anglo Saxons?

  16. Travis Reply

    These are mine and Joe’s questions.

    1. What did the anglo saxons use for transportation?

    2.Did the Anglo Saxons invade anywhere else?

    3.What did the Anglo Saxons use in battle?

  17. Mollie Reply

    Did the Vikings had any pets and if they did, what did they have and where did they keep them?

  18. Betsy Reply

    If the Anglo-Saxons had a King or Queen what was their name?

  19. amber Reply

    did Anglo Saxons travel in long boats.

  20. Millie Reply

    1. What did the Anglo Saxons do when they were invaded?

    2. What did the Vikings do for fun?

    3. What did the Anglo Saxons speak?

  21. Ralph Reply

    Why did the Vikings invade Britain?

  22. Sara Reply

    Did Anglo Saxons attack the vikings?
    what was the popular dish for Anglo Saxons?

  23. Masha Reply

    what did the vikings eat?

  24. Louie Reply

    When were the Saxons invaded?

    What weapons did the Saxons use?

  25. Jacob Reply

    1.What were the towns like in viking times?

    2.What did the vikings use as money?

    3.How many battles were there between the anglo saxons and the vikings.:D

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