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 ? The Fantastic Christmas Party ? 

On Tuesday, KS2 had a fantastic day! In the morning we interchanged between the upstairs classes, and in each one we completed a different Stone Age related activity that everyone really enjoyed! In Class 9 we made Stone Age bunting which went up around our food tables in the hall. 

Then in the afternoon we held our brilliant Christmas party where we could get dressed up as Christmassy cavemen and women – even the teachers got dressed up! The party featured a fantastic Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament that Alexander took part in for Class 9. Harper was the runner up but didn’t quite make it to the quarter-finals. Another fun activity was the ‘Elsa off’ which was where we had to sing and dance to Let it go. We then ate our delicious  food that the class brought in. We all really enjoyed the party!

Class 9 – what was your favourite part of our Christmas party day?!

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  1. Elle ?

    I love all the Christmas party photos everyone looks very festive and jolly!

  2. Elle ?

    I love the pass the parcel game I found it funny that the last person got a bag of stones – ha ha ha

  3. Elle ?

    Although everything was very fun and creative – my best and most favourite part was when we got to eat all the yummy food!

  4. Elle ?

    I bought in a scrumptious Battenberg with Marzipan and glazed with sugar – unfortunately I didn’t know that it contains nuts though – what a shame!

  5. Elle ?

    Guess what? My brother is eating barbecue flavoured Pringles that is what we had at the Christmas party

  6. Elle ?

    I liked the fact that at the end everybody joined onto a giant conga including me!

  7. Elle ?

    -I don’t think that I spelt ‘conga’ correctly…

  8. Manon

    I REALLY enjoyed the party!

  9. Charlotte

    This was hands down the best Christmas party ever! It was so fun!

  10. Tia A

    I really enjoyed the Christmas party it was so fun apart from how warm it felt afterwards!

  11. Jade

    I really enjoyed it!

  12. Kian

    I really enjoyed this as I found that the teachers had incredibly funny outfits!