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6 things you would find in an explorer’s backpack…

We had an imaginative poetry writing lesson yesterday in Class 6. The children imagined what a desert explorer would carry in his backpack whilst out roaming the sandy dunes! The children thought of some really interesting and magical ideas. The poems were a great success! Well done Class 6.

Miss Land

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  1. Mrs Steel Reply

    I’m glad to hear the poems went well. I was very impressed with your work on ordering the explorers chronologically. You all worked really hard.

  2. Dinithi Reply

    I loved doing the poems and I would love to do it again.

  3. toby clarke Reply

    the lessen was fab thanku for planing the lessen .I hope we do it again.

  4. annabelle Reply

    i was of sick when we did this :c

  5. annabelle pug Reply

    I am in the future so I come to say we have had an amazing term


  6. annabelle pug Reply

    wanted to go but was sick why me this sounds so fun on a scale from 1 to 10 how fun?

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