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A busy week and happy holidays

We have had a very busy week in Class 6 this week! It’s a good job we are all having a week off to rest and recover!

On Tuesday it was our whole-school assembly and we all worked hard to make it a success. Congratulations to you all for doing such a good job!

Also on Tuesday we had a fun running P.E. lesson where we enjoyed a mini-competition with various relays.

On  Wednesday afternoon Class 6 investigated whether the size of a parachute affected how fast it falls. We related this to our knowledge of air resistance. The test created a lot of excitement! We timed how long our parachutes took to fall and our results provided us with a clear answer.

On Thursday we finally finished our stories set in another culture about Toki and the chameleon which we have spent a long time working on.


Friday was art enrichment day and Class 6 worked brilliantly in teams to create the separate parts of our huge re-creation of the front cover of Jeff Kinney’s book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We put together all of the parts we had made to great effect. I can’t wait to see our artwork displayed in school.

I hope you all have a great holiday Class 6 and do lots of exciting things.

– Miss Land.

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