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A special visit

We had a busy day yesterday, decorating and selling buns to all the Key Stage 1 children. The same is happening today but we’re selling to Key Stage 2. We know we’ll be busy because they wanted to buy them yesterday. Luckily we had a little help with the icing. Our last class governor, Miss Goforth, came in to help and we iced and decorated all morning. She brought in her childhood toy, a little fox with one glass eye. She told us how the other had been chewed by a goat. The children were fascinated and we talked about favourite toys again just like we did right back in the Autumn term. Miss Goforth was amazed how much the children had done and was thrilled when Rosa read all the words on the board which explained what we were doing that day. So could lots of other children too and she was vey impressed.

We’re all very impressed with you Class 1…..

Don’t forget to water the beans you took home yesterday. The ones that we grew in the classroom last term are tall and flowering in the Wildlife Area. Yours should do the same if you put them in sunnny place and keep them watered.

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