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After-school running club!

I was very impressed by the spirit of the first ever after-school running club event today. The idea was only set in motion in the last couple of two weeks and more than 65 enthusiastic children (that is about a quarter of the entire school!!) took part – possibly with more to be there next time. (May be some more parents as well?)
From registration and warm-up to the end, the whole event was delivered smoothly and confidently and created a lot of engagement and excitement amongst the children.
Let’s see what the overall outcome over the next 5 weeks is going to be (I was told a tally is kept of all completed 150 meter rounds on the school field). I suspect the virtual barrier of a marathon distance equivalent won’t hold for very long…! Well done everybody!

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  1. Janet Jacobi Reply

    This was a fantastic event – A great idea Mrs Hearson! 65 children….wow! There were so many determined happy faces as they ran around the circuit. Park Grove children certainly have persistence!! The parental support was superb and it was great to see some Governors there cheering the children on.

  2. thepta Reply

    It was amazing! The children did such a wonderful job and had such good persistence

  3. Mrs Hearson Reply

    It was great! Thank you to Suzi and Janet for your help to run it- I’m delighted so many of our children are into running! I’ve had more slips in this week so numbers set to rise!! Great effort everyone!.

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