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alphabet data handling

Today we looked at our names and found the most common letter was a. Can you look at some different words and see if the most common letter is still a? How about a list of animals or people in your family?

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  1. Fearn Powell Reply

    The most popular letter in my family’s names is ‘e’.

  2. Dinithi Reply

    I found out that ‘I’ was the most popular letter in the names of my family members.

  3. Leah jones Reply

    Leah, Daddy, Megan the dog, Amanda, Tudor, Uncle Frank, Auntie Diane, Jessica, Oliver, Maisy the dog. 9 A letters, 8 e letters, sonA is still the winner!

  4. class4 Reply

    That’s really interesting. We discussed how most words contain a vowel and all the most common letters you found were all vowels.

  5. Rosa Gladwin Reply

    My family is Tom, Rachel, Rosa, Ned. There are four letters that are found twice! O, A, R and E

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