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We had a fantastic time yesterday making animal homes in the wildlife area. Today we looked at what we already know about animals. We will look at what we thought in a few weeks time and assess if our knowledge has improved.

What would you like to learn about animals?


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  1. Fearn Powell Reply

    I would like to learn what they eat and where they live because we have been doing animal projects.

    • class4 Reply

      We are looking at what animals eat next week in science. I hope you will enjoy the lesson.

  2. Ahmed Reply

    This is my favorite topic, I enjoyed making the habitat.

    • class4 Reply

      I wonder if any animals have moved into the homes we built yet?

  3. Dinithi Reply

    It was interesting looking at the animal habitats.

  4. Leah jones Reply

    Today I’m helping Daddy clean out Bernie and Ernies cage! They are my pet dwarf hamsters

    • class4 Reply

      Earnie and Bernie- great names. Who chose those?

  5. Leah Jones Reply

    I chose their names when Daddy bought them. I think I really meant Bert and Ernie but I said Bernie and Ernie! I have a dog called Megan but we call her Megan Moo and Batseal!

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