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Our Year 5 children performed ‘Animals’ by Atiha Sen Gupta at York Theatre Royal. The children were supported in preparing for the play by Julian Ollive from the theatre as part of the nation wide Playhouse project. The actors were expertly directed by our very own Mr Mastrelli and his fantastic team; Mr Symonds and Ms Smith.

Here is a brief synopsis of the play…

Imagine a world where all the adults have been washed away in a great flood. The children are left to govern themselves, when a group of Polar cubs arrive, barely able to speak their language but wanting help and shelter from their disappearing ice caps. Some of the older children start to resent these ‘foreigners’, thinking them a drain on their resources and a danger to their way of life. Can the cubs and children manage to live in harmony together, or is the fear of difference too much to overcome.

A huge well done to everyone involved!

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