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Astro Science Challenge!

Class 6 started to work on the exciting Astro Science Challenge which will be a KS2 project for 6 weeks, linked to Tim Peake’s launch to the International Space Station (ISS) in December.

We enjoyed researching the ISS earlier this week and we will be looking at time related maths to do with the ISS tomorrow. Did you know that there are currently 6 people in space right now?

We love our space topic!

Miss Land.

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  1. Mrs Steel Reply

    It really is a very exciting topic, I’m really enjoying hearing you all talking about it.

  2. Laura Reply

    I really like the astro science challenge because we get to do loads of fun and cool stuff like learning about space weather and sunspots.

  3. pujani Reply

    I agree with you miss steal

  4. fergus green Reply

    I love doing the Astro science challenge

  5. franchesca Reply

    I love doing the Astro science about challenge because I learn lots more about space!!

  6. annabelle pug Reply

    1 month in the future we are done it was awesome I love it ;0

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