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This week we have solved different mathematical problems using BODMAS. How confident are you feeling using it?

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  1. Dylan Reply

    I like BODMAS but I still find it a bit hard 🙂

  2. Joseph Reply

    I enjoyed using BODMAS and I found it relatively easy 🙂

  3. mae Reply

    i like doing BODMAS because i enjoy working out the problems a different way.

  4. olivia Reply

    I like BODMAS, and I feel confident calculating it!

  5. Tomas Reply

    i really enjoyed it! 🙂

  6. Jaimie Reply

    I feel quite confident using BODMAS but when there are two sets of brackets in the same question I find it quite tricky.

  7. Zuzanna Reply

    I find BODMAS quite easy but sometimes I get mixed up with the order

  8. Gaurie Reply

    I find BODMAS really fun 😀 😛 🙂

  9. Dan Reply

    I understand BODMAS but need a bit more practice !! 😀

  10. Klaudia Reply

    I like it, but it’s kind of tricky.

  11. Tom Reply

    I am feeling ok with using BODMAS.

  12. Jake Reply

    i feel confident using BODMAS but i feel i’m to slow 🙁

  13. Molly Reply

    i liked using BODMAS but it gets me confused so times

  14. William Reply

    It was great fun learning how to use it and I feel pretty confident.

  15. Katy Reply

    I found using BODMAS very effective to calculating number questions and got a little confused but soon got the hang of it! 🙂

  16. lucas Reply

    i am feeling very secure using BODMAS ;]

  17. Libby Reply

    I like doing BODMAS but would like to practice on it more 🙂

  18. luke Reply

    Im a bit confident using BODMAS but with a bit of practice Ill
    get there in the end.

  19. Layla Reply

    I think BODMAS is great. I feel a little confident but I sometimes struggle using it.

  20. dominic Reply

    i felt confident using it

  21. Danny boy Reply

    bodmas = HARD :C

  22. Danny boy Reply


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