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Can you write a review?

We’ve been given a very special task this week as we’ve been asked by Readathon to review a sample chapter from the book ‘The Last Wild’ by Piers Torday. We’ve all had a great time being professional reviewers and have been keen to express exactly how we felt about the chapter.

Have any of you seen a film, been to a performance or sports event, listened to some music or read a book over Christmas? Perhaps you could blog a review here?

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  1. Lydia Reply

    You might not believe this, but I only watched the first Hunger Games last week. I loved it! I hope to get really into the Hunger Games and read all of the books. Also I want to watch the newest film, Catching Fire, because people are always talking about it. 🙂

  2. jordan Reply

    well i got an ipod touch 5 and i think it is really good because you can do lots of stuff on it like music and games and facebook and i message and a camera and lots of other apps

  3. indie+ellie Reply

    We watched Gansta granny on boxing day by David Walliams and it was amazing especialy because David Walliams and Miranda Hart were both featured in it.

  4. Morgan Reply

    I got a Tablet for Christmas it a kobo arc. This was probaly my best gift,also I have downloded lots of really cool games like FIFA 14 and Clash of clans and loads of other epic games.

  5. Amira Reply

    I reccomend, The Hunger Games Catching Fire. It’s full of death, gore and it’s action packed with different events.

    I also reccomend the books too but if you want a quicker way of knowing the story then the movie is the best choice. The movie is one I could watch millions of times and I would not be bored of it. To sum it up in 3 words, they would be: Interesting, Unique and Clever. You’d have to watch it to know how amazing it is because I can’t describe it well enough.

  6. Amy Reply

    I got a new book this Christmas called diary of a wimpy kid hard luck and its brilliant you should read it because its really not what you aspect its like some really weird things and crazy stuff happens i cant tell you your going to have to read it your self I’ve all ready read it in one night and i’m reading it again because its so good.

  7. MaxR Reply

    For Christmas I got the graphic novel of Eagle strike [Alex Rider]by Anthony Horowitz and i thought it was fantastic so i would recommend getting it.

  8. tom Reply

    battleships the movie

  9. leila Reply

    I read the book hard luck over Christmas and it was funny but not the best one in the series. i would still recommend it though to any one.

  10. leo Reply

    i got a ps3 with a gaming chair that rocks forwards and backwards with gta5 and lots of other shooting and car games also you can play people online from across the world and you can go on facebook. i like my ps3 because it is very different to an xbox 360.

  11. ellie Reply

    Over Christmas i saw Aladin and the twankeys at the theater royal
    i really enjoyed it and are going to see it again on the last night.If you have not seen it already then i would go and see it.:)

  12. Darby Reply

    I got the Diary of a wimpy kid book. I really enjoyed this book because its funny and tells you how to deal with life, at the back it has games that i like trying to play like a board game,what you should do by the time your 50 and getting to see your future, involving what your job is, how many kids you have and what pets you have.

  13. huw Reply

    i saw hunger games catching fire over the Christmas season i loved it it is my favorite film i have ever seen in my life so far

    it it action pack and exhilarating all round brilliant

  14. leila Reply

    I read the book hard luck over Christmas and it was funny but not the best one in the series so i would read it

  15. edward Reply

    i went to see jack and the beanstalk at the pantimime and it was really good and i loved it.

  16. oliver Reply

    the simpsons and the top gear show!

  17. piran Reply

    For christmas I got a cool radio which I can charge my ipod on and it’s got a remote controller as well as that it has loads of radio stations.

  18. rudy Reply

    If you are wondering what games are good for the Playstation look no further here is a review fifa is a good game which can be played by all of your family you can play career mode and ultimate team and other modes.

  19. Lauren m Reply

    For Christmas i got a DVD parental guidence i would recommend it because it is funny and a good family film.

  20. nikoo Reply

    i went to see snow white at the panto it was amazing!

  21. Ailsa Reply

    Yes, over Christmas i read a book called wyrmeweald it is an amazing book by my favorite authors Paul Stewart and Chris Riddle. its quite sad at the end for one of my favorite character dies after just been able to find his daughter. It truly was an amazing book.

  22. Toby Reply

    I stayed in an amazing log cabin in Dolby Forest over the Christmas Holidays and the experience was brilliant! I had lots of fun biking there and walking in the woods.

    My rating is ten outta ten!

  23. devnara Reply

    i saw walking with dinosours at the cinema and I also watched the hobbit.They were both great!my faveourite is walking with dinosours but the hobbit was amazing too.

  24. Martha Reply

    I would reccomend a series of unfortunate events because it is full of new words and phrases that are really powerful and are very good for using in writing.

    A series of unfortunate events are full of crime , fortunes and a very wicked man called Count Olaf.I would widely reccomend this book to anybody who likes crimes.

  25. Max.P Reply

    On New Years Eve I went to see a football match in Manchester. It was Manchester United VS Tottenham Hotspur, and I was supporting Manchester. We had seats right at the top, and I could see everything. The view was absolutely outstanding, and luckily it only rained on the pitch, not us. before the match we bought some drinks and watched a different match on TV in the waiting area. My favorite part was definitely when I arrived in Manchester, and could see the whole breathtaking stadium. Lots of people in a different stand started singing a lot, and it was really loud. I think nearly everybody hated the referee after the match (except the Tottenham fans). I will DEFINITELY watch a match there again.

  26. Ellie.P Reply

    I have been reading The Hunger Games Catching Fire over Christmas and I absolutely love it!! I haven’t gotten far only to about chapter 4 but I must say it’s one of the best books I’ve read! I’m really into post-apocalyptic kind of books since reading the Hunger Games I could recommend it to any action and tragedy book lover!!

  27. Euan Reply

    I watched Gangster Granny at Christmas and i recommend it because its a funny but sad film but the best bit was when they went to steal the crown jewels

  28. Caleb Reply

    I went to see Cinderella (the ballet)(at Leeds theatre for my Mum’s Birthday (26 Dec)on the 27 of December it was very good (one bit was extremely funny).

  29. indie Reply

    I went to London and I went to see a musical called Billy Elliot it was really good
    I also got to go back stage and I met Ann Emery from rentaghost. I got a signed program
    and it was so good.

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