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How did you describe your character?

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  1. dylan Reply

    i described a youtuber named DanTDM

  2. Ade Reply

    My character is called Chloe and she loves to shop for vintage clothing.

  3. Katy Reply

    My character is a 14 year old girl who’s as happy as can be and although she has a confident look she is a shy,quiet young girl inside!

  4. Klaudia Reply

    My character is Lauren and her hobby is to ride horses.

  5. molly Reply

    katy a house wife

  6. Holly Reply

    My character (Melissa Silvia Thornton) was 19 year old lonely student who lived in the center of York. She had a flaming temper as loud as thunder rolling out across black clouds on a stormy day. Also, she had a mane of brown hair flowing down her back in one unbroken sheet.

  7. Joseph Reply

    I described my character as a relaxer who likes to go out to the pub. 🙂

  8. Ava Reply

    My character was called Rose Winter!

  9. lucas Reply

    i did about a guy called romero

  10. mae Reply

    My character was called Suzan and she loved sewing

  11. Layla Reply

    I described my character as a fashionable girl. :]

  12. William Reply

    I described my character as a sporty yet casual person. 🙂

  13. Jacob Reply

    I described: the name, hobbies, personalty, age , family and the job of my character.

  14. libby Reply

    I used many adjectives/adverbs and tried to use VCOP as much as I can 🙂

  15. Jake Reply

    my’n is a happy,charming man.

  16. Jaimie Reply

    First of all I described my character – Pharaoh Pattrie Kleio – as a wretched, ruthless, cruel ruler with a thirst for death but as my description got closer to its end it explained how she was actually an animal-loving protector with numerous exotic pets.

  17. gaurie Reply

    My character was called Lilli Rose Cooper and her life as a famous chef(first paragraph),how shes a rebel(second)her family(third)and some extra information about her(last two)

  18. olivia Reply

    My character was named Eliza!

  19. robby Reply

    My character loves playing football 🙂

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