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Childline Workshop

Well done everyone! There was some really good discussion today. Hopefully you now know lots of things to do if you feel worried.

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  1. Klaudia Reply

    i really enjoyed that session 🙂

  2. Ade Reply

    I liked getting the child line buddy kit.

  3. lucas Reply

    it gave me lots of ideas

  4. jake Reply

    i think buddy looks cool

  5. Ava Reply

    I can remember the number off by heart: 0800 1111 :p

  6. Katy Reply

    Yes I thought the assembly and workshops were very informative and I learnt lots on what to do if I am in that situation.It was an enjoyable time and I had fun as well as learning. 🙂

  7. Dan Reply

    I really enjoyed the childline workshop 😀

  8. Zuzanna Reply

    Yeah I enjoyed it too

  9. Alexander Reply

    It was very interesting and enjoyable and if were ever worried we now know what to do to get the worries away. 🙂

  10. dominic Reply

    I thought that it was a really good workshop 🙂

  11. jake Reply

    The number i 0800 1111

  12. Holly Reply

    I found the session beneficial for if I do feel worried because I learnt lots of top tips to help me out.

  13. Dylan Reply

    i liked that lesson a lot @ #ChildLine 🙂

  14. Molly Reply

    i found it interesting 🙂 that how many things can heart even if you did’nt do anything 🙂

  15. mae Reply

    it was great. i learnt lots

  16. William Reply

    I had some great fun in the lesson and i also learnt a lot.

  17. Olivia Reply

    It was really fun and their website looks really good too! They are very organised and I think its extremely useful to some children!

  18. Jaimie Reply

    It was really interesting and it is good that everyone knows what to do if they are worried!

  19. Joseph Reply

    I enjoyed all of it 😉

  20. Tom Reply

    I’m really enjoyed the lessons.

  21. robby Reply

    I liked it

  22. Khai Reply

    i found the workshop very interesting

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