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Chocolate! 🍫

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Early Years and KS1 children have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Chocolate’ topic this half term. We’ve had lots of fantastic opportunities for the children and we are sure it is a topic they will remember for a long time!

Chocolate tasting… 

The children were very excited when we did some chocolate tasting and it went down an absolute treat! It was a great way to ignite our topic. The children used their 5 senses to evaluate different products and then had to choose their favourite from the selection. We’ve had some thumbs up and some funny faces too! There were some firm favourites out of the samples of chocolate and the children used great vocabulary to describe the taste and texture.

How it’s made…

We had a visit from a wonderful grandparent who works for Nestle making Kit Kats. He showed us how the cocoa beans are farmed and then their journey from Africa to the factory. We saw photos of the various processes and even got to see, touch and smell a cocoa pod which was a great hands-on experience for the children. We also had the opportunity to ask some questions. We were very lucky as the children were given a Kit Kat to take home and enjoy!

Melting Chocolate…

Early Years have been looking at how chocolate changes from a solid to a liquid and we did this by melting chocolate to visually see it changing. As we have also been talking about eating chocolate in moderation as part of a healthy diet, we dipped some bananas in the chocolate for a yummy treat! The children used some fantastic vocabulary to explain how the chocolate changes.

Chocolate assembly…

The whole of KS1 and EYFS were extremely lucky as they had an assembly delivered by a parent who used to live in Ghana and has had first hand experience of working with cocoa farmers! Some of the children even got to try on some traditional clothing from Ghana. It was a super opportunity for the children to ask lots of interesting questions and find out more about the world around them.


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