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Class 2 newsletter – Year 1


Week beginning 13th January 2014


We are continuing with our work on non-fiction texts, with children learning how to use features such as the contents page and index to find out information. Children will practise writing in the style of an ‘information book’, and will be doing work on labelling. Do children have any favourite non-fiction books at home they would like to bring in to school to share? If possible, why not try looking up something in the contents page and index?


In Maths this week we will be working on reading and writing numerals from 0 to 20 and beyond. We will be doing lots of work to develop children’s understanding of place value (i.e. the number 12 is made up of one ten and two units) to help children to sequence numbers. This will also help children to understand the order in which they write digits in two-digit numbers, as these can sometime be confused (writing 21 as 12, for example). Practising reading and writing numerals, whether for recipes, shopping trips, birthdays or house numbers is always valuable, as well as writing number lines. Children sometimes struggle with the direction of numerals such as 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9, so lots of opportunities to practise recognition and writing are always valuable!


The children have been really enthusiastic about our winter and polar places topic. This week we will be looking at different polar animals, and children will be drawing and labelling their favourite!


We will be returning to our routine of changing home reading books on a Friday and apologise that this has meant that children have had their home reading book for a few weeks now. Please make sure that books and reading records remain in book bags so that we are able to change them and record children’s work in guided reading sessions. We will also be continuing with our library visit on Monday, so if you have a school library book at home, please remember to bring it in.


P.E. remains in its usual slots on Wednesday and Friday. Please remember to bring in your kit for these days.

Mr Baines

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