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  1. Sophie Reply

    I loved the fantasy football.
    and i’ve read the letter.

  2. Sophie Reply

    Mr.Mastrelli you know you asked if it worked on an ipad? It does work I am on the ipad now right as I am typing.

    • Mr Mastrelli Reply

      Wow, you have had a very productive morning Sophie! Have you filled in the pin code to join the Park Grove league?

  3. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Looking forward to hearing more about the football!

  4. Mr Little Reply

    Wow Class 5!. What a great way to meet you all this morning, even though lots of stuff was going on. I hope I didn’t keep you from football with Mr Lonsdale for too long.

    Thank you for making me so welcome today. I look forward to seeing you all and getting to know you when we go to the theatre on the first day back after half term

    Have a safe and happy holiday.


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