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Curiosity Club Week 4

Yesterday afternoon, the Curiosity Clubbers made film canister rockets!

Our hearts were in our mouths!

Tia and Callie will tell you what the children did:

We put headache tablets for adults and water  in a film canister. The room in the the film canister was so small that the gasses from the water and the tablet mixing made it POP! The different amounts of tablet that we tested were a third of a tablet, a quarter, half, three quarters, a whole, a whole and a half, 2 wholes and 2 wholes and a half. We went out on the landing and set them off.

This is how we set them off: first we put teaspoon of water in the canister then we put them on the launching pad and we put the headache tablet in the water. Next we had 10 seconds to put on the lid and turn it upside down and run away and then… POP!

We all tried half a tablet in each canister because it worked the best.

Olivia and Callie’s went the highest when we were doing the half.


What an exciting and scream-inducing experiment! Did you know that when you add the water it starts to dissolve the Alka-seltzer tablet and this creates a gas called carbon dioxide? As the carbon dioxide is released, it creates gas inside the film canister. As more gas is made, the pressure builds up until the cap is blasted down and the canister is blasted up!

– Miss Land.

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    Wow that sounds so coooooooooooooooooool! 🙂 : )

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