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Day Four…

The morning of day four seemed a little quieter than normal (the exhilarating yet exhausting activities seem to finally be taking its toll!) but we were soon in full swing, and even before splitting into groups we started off with an exciting game of old skool hoops!

We split into our groups and swapped around for the last time to tackle the last of the activities before we all do the Low Ropes tomorrow. One of these has been on every Year 6’s mind as soon as you mention High Adventure…the High ropes and the notorious Leap of Faith! Let’s get a few words to describe these activities…

Leap of Faith: terrifying, wobbly (including jelly legs!), tricky, nerve-racking, sense of achievement and proud once climbed up it!

Gladiator: exciting, twisty, slippery, hanging by a single rope!

Zip-wire: awesome, outstanding, never-ending (although it did?), travelling at the speed of light

Another fun and challenging task has been archery; unfortunately Miss Platts couldn’t get her bullseye this year although a few other Park Grovers have!

Archery: precise, rapid, tense, ‘concentrational’, challenging

And finally there were smiles all around as we were able to get back into the Labyrinth and explore the depths of the maze…

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  1. Jade

    I enjoyed the labyrinth even though i was petrified of the flood that happened while we did it on the second day

    • Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy)

      I agree the labyrinth was really good. 🙂

  2. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy)

    The leap of faith was the best bit for me!