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End of Term…

Today is your penultimate day this term in Class 8. I have greatly enjoyed teaching all of you, as you have a great attitude to work, are extremely enthusiastic and always willing to learn! What have you enjoyed about Class 8 this term? Do you have a favourite activity or set of activities that were particularly memorable?!

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  1. lucas

    I’m excited as it is the penultimate day of the term. Also, its almost christmas day which is amazing.

  2. Livy

    My memorable activities were meeting the new people and we did some fun activities with them! This term i have really enjoyed class 8.

  3. reuben

    This term, I have absalootly loved everything. I enjoyed lots of things including the class assembly and the christmas party. But mw memorable moment was winning the table tennis ladder league in front of all of key stage!

  4. ralph

    mr mastrely you have bene a amasing teacher see you next term!

  5. Laura

    I really liked the challenging maths work that you set us. You’re such a good teacher that I learned to do long multiplication successfully just by watching you! Also the haikus in English made me really think about how to and what to do as well.

  6. Isidora

    I love table trainer! (and number gym) 0_0
    6.6 ^.^

  7. rosa

    I loved this term and my favourite lessons have been maths and swimming.

  8. Marcus

    That was a “cracking” term (LOL) But in all fairness you are a great teacher and I greatly enjoyed this term but the highlights were your jokes. (They were very punny!)

  9. Sophie

    I have really enjoyed the whole term but my favourite was our class assembly, which was very fun to take part in. I also enjoyed going to high adventure at the start of the term with the other year 6’s.

  10. Ella!

    I cant decide what my favourite thing would be but I enjoyed the class assembly and our swimming lessons. They were really fun.

    • Ella!

      I have also really enjoyed getting raffle tickets to trade in for sweets as it is a very good idea.

    • connor

      I don’t want to lave.It has been an amasing time to be here.See you guy’s after Christmas.

  11. Logan Clark

    I enjoyed adding fractions,division(240 divided by 4=60),writing about our own use for stone hedge and penultimately,every topic lesson 🙂

  12. George

    I really really enjoyed playing maths and english countdown,I also loved having our christmas disco with Mr Mastrelli as the DJ.To conclude,I have enjoyed every moment in my first term in class 8!!

  13. millie rose larbey

    I loved working as groups and having a nice time and i will miss my teachers and friends when i am on holiday.

  14. Cora Wareh

    In class 8 this term I really enjoyed:
    All of the wonderful parties;
    Percentages and fractions in Maths;
    and last but not least science ( particularly the investigation).

  15. Natasha

    I have enjoyed learning about Stone Age.

  16. lucia

    The most memorable moment I can think of is the class 8 assembly.I have enjoyed everything so far in this term but one lesson I did was really fun to do because we got to decorate christmas cards!

  17. Sophia

    I have enjoyed learning about the Stone Age! I learnt lots of different facts including the Stone Age was split into three different sections: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

  18. Warqaa Saadi

    I really have something very memreble which is the salad faces (even though that was last term i really did like it YUM)

  19. joe.a

    My favourite activity was making the christmas cards because it was very fun designing the.

  20. Poppy Walker

    I feel the same everybody has worked really hard this term and I can’t wait to start school again [although I like the holidays as well.]

  21. H@rley N

    im going to quite miss school but i will have a good xmas

  22. connor

    I loved the swimming lessons.

  23. Annabelle.M

    I don’t know which subject was most enjoyable…I like everything! Can i say that …? In maths I enjoyed Division and Percentages and many other skills i needed practise on! In English I enjoyed writing short stories and writing poems! But if i were to write about all the things i enjoyed in every subject we would be here all day…

  24. Betsy

    I really enjoyed the christmas party, rounding in maths and writing a letter to my future self in english