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End of term…

Tomorrow starts the last week of your first term in Class 8.

What have you enjoyed about Class 8 this term? Do you have a favourite memory?!

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  1. Holly Reply

    My favorite memory in class 8 so far would have been writing an array of different story genres in English.

  2. mae Reply

    i liked it when we made pyramids out of straw.

  3. Molly Reply

    i have enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things.
    i also liked our poem Assembly! 🙂

  4. Jacob Reply

    I have enjoyed all of the maths!!

  5. Klaudia Reply

    I enjoyed everything I did in the last few days 🙂

  6. Dylan Reply

    i dont have a fave memory because i liked EVERYTHING!

  7. olivia Reply

    My favourite memory is the Ancient Egypt Enrichment day, all the activities were really fun but also different in their own little way!

  8. Jaimie Reply

    I do not have a favorite memory because all of the lessons have been exhilarating, although I particularly enjoyed exuberant exciting writing lessons and the Science lesson when we all went outside and sketched nature.

  9. Tom.C Reply

    my memory is the whole time we have been here because it has been really fun and interesting.

  10. Layla Reply

    I liked it when it was the Ancient Egyptian enrichment day! 😀

  11. Zuzanna Reply

    I enjoyed everything but most of all the maths lessons!

    • Ade Reply

      I also liked the maths lesson and Ancient Erichment day.

  12. mae Reply

    Also i enjoyed it when we wrote newspaper articles. I liked coming up with a headline.

  13. Katy Reply

    One of my favorite memories was when we as a class had to perform ‘Jack Frost’in front of the whole school.

  14. William Reply

    My favorite memory was the D.T. enrichment day it was great fun!

  15. Tom Reply

    My favorite memory is going to high adventure!

  16. dominic Reply

    one of my favorite memories in class was when we had to design a poster adverbs

  17. ade Reply

    I can’t wait for the Egyptian party, it’s going to be fun.

  18. Oleg Reply

    My favorite memory was when me and William did an ICT project and we had to delete pieces of it until it would fit all on one page.

  19. Holly Reply

    Also, I adore all the homework projects and completing tasks because you can present it in any style you want. I can’t wait until my class present their music homework.

  20. Joseph Reply

    I liked pretty much all of the term but I liked these things most:swimming, countdown, maths, our topic (dinosaurs and ancient Egypt)and so on 🙂

  21. Ava Reply

    I enjoyed doing art especially when we were doing shading.

  22. libby Reply

    I’ve enjoyed the Ancient Egyptian D.T enrichment day all of the tasks were very fun and I also like it when the students came in and did maths problem solving with them.
    And I cant forget Mr.Mastrelli’s countdown questions there were quite tricky but very fun :):):):):)

  23. Abby Reply

    My favourite memory of this term was the day when we had about 5 art lessons in one afternoon!!

  24. Alexander Reply

    My favourite memory is when I got in good work assessbly in the first week at park grove that’s my highlight this term but i have enjoyed every thing that’s happened this term! 😀 😀

  25. jake Reply

    maths and ancient egypt

  26. dominic Reply

    i enjoyed all the maths and English

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