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Enrichment day sewing

Hope you are all looking forward to our art/DT enrichment day on Tuesday. We will be sewing in the afternoon and making felt animals. The design sheets you did last week were great so I am looking forward to some wonderful felt mice.

Don’t forget to ask if your mum, dad or grandparents can come in to help with our sewing. If they can please let me know tomorrow.

mouse photo

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  1. Dylan Reply

    I chose beage for the color of my mouse.

  2. Rosa Gladwin Reply

    I enjoyed sewing and seeing the adventurous animals and holding the tarantula.

  3. Fearn Powell Reply

    It was fun. My nana came to my enrichment day.

  4. Ahmed Reply

    I made a mouse called Teego. I look after ever him every day.

  5. Dinithi Reply

    I enjoyed holding the corn snake very much.

  6. Leah jones Reply

    I made a mouse called Mousey. I loved making Mousey

  7. class4 Reply

    They were all wonderful. How are they settling into their new homes? Where do they sleep?

  8. Sheila (Nellie's Mum) Reply

    I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with the class, and meeting some of the children. I was amazed that the children had written a design sheet, then sewed and stuffed the felt mouse, and finished by filling out an evaluation form. It was a fun afternoon!

  9. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    I loved making the mouse. I am going to ask my Granny and Grandad if I can make other types of animals and I will show them next week.

  10. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    ,Its Rylie we are going to make some other stuffed animals like …dogs,ELEPHANT,CATS,OWLS,RABBIT

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