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Explorers Homework

We’re at the midway point in our current homework project.  Which explorer are you researching?

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  1. logan Reply

    John smith:)

  2. reuben Reply

    I am doing Ferdinand Magellan for my project.

  3. jasmine +Ellen Reply

    Jasmine is researching Edmund Hillary and Ellen doing Bear Grylls

  4. Bailey Reply

    bear grylls

  5. Poppy Reply

    I loved doing the homework project my favourite part is picking who you are going to do.

  6. Tia Reply

    James Cook

  7. Freddie Reply

    I am doing a space man I forgot his name American person.

  8. Shannon and Beatrice Reply

    Lewis and Clark and Shannon is doing Jeanne bare 🙂

  9. millie Reply

    I am doing captain cook because I went to the captain cook museum I have nearly finished this project

  10. Tia Reply

    I love doing about explorer it is cool.

  11. junior/charlie Reply

    Charlie: I’m going to do Neil Armstrong for my homework because I find him quite fascinating and he was the first to walk on the moon.

    junior: Im doing Neil Armstrong and I like him because he was the first pirson on the moon. 🙂

  12. Luc@s Reply

    I’m enjoying the project and I’m doing about Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon.

  13. H@rley N Reply

    I’m focusing on Henry Hudson on my homework project

  14. Rosa Carter Reply

    I am doing Marco Polo and the best part was picking the photos.

  15. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I did my presentation about Benedict Allen.

  16. logan clark and charlotte Reply

    Logan did ( or would have done) Neil Armstrong and Charlotte did Francisco Pizarro.

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