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Fabulous shapes…

On Thursday morning, we were very fortunate to have students from York St Johns University come in to teach us a range of shape based tasks.  

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  1. Laura

    This was amazing and I hope that the students will be coming back next year or under a year. They were so fun!!

  2. Ella!

    I really enjoyed this lesson by the students. It was extremely fun making shapes out of nets and playing shape guess who! 😉

  3. Sophia

    Me and Mollie had a fab time looking at loads of maths topics like angles and shapes!

  4. Mollie

    I really enjoyed this session; it was fun and informative which I really like!

  5. Isidora

    This was so fun I especially liked drawing and measuring shapes.

  6. lucas

    I enjoyed that maths lesson because the man who was with me and ralph made us make shapes out of midget gems which was really fun.

  7. Betsy

    I had lots of fun when I worked with a student from York St Johns University

  8. Sophie

    The activities with the students were very fun and I thought we learned a lot from it.

  9. Cora Wareh

    I enjoyed this activity! We made a shape net and both of us did well. I particularly liked when we guessed what shape it was based on a description (eg it has ten sides and is 2D).