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Foaming fun and much more!

Our class has already blogged this week about all the marvellous things we’ve been doing and we thought we would share a few more little things about what we’ve done.


We have been working with hair gel and shaving foam; no we’re not pampering. We are using this as a creative way to discover the different textures in things, to refine our fine motor skills and to even make our very own snow…


We have been working with real ice (brrrrrr!) to learn about its properties and the nature of winter. We found out that when ice is warm, it turns to water – WOW! Who knew?! And we also learned that water turns to ice when its freezing. Its a good job our class room is so warm and lovely …


We spent time drawing our shoes (thats right!) in order to help us understand and remember what estimations are. We then filled our shoes with bricks after guessing how many it would take to fill them. We have to say, we were especially impressed by all the very sensible estimations that we had, well done!


Outside, we have a brand new sand box that all the children loved. We got our paintbrushes out and painted our climbing frame. And some of you will have already noticed that we have a  couple of small things hanging around the trees and door…amazing mirrored numbers and ladybird letters…who said school wasn’t fun?


This week children have also started to say “thank you” and “please” more. We are particularly interested in hearing this more and more and think that everyone would agree that good manners makes us FEEL good, which helps us learn even more…


Have a great weekend….

Class 1



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