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We spotted ‘Sage’, our little woodland friend, in the Wildlife Area again this week. She seemed very interested in our activity. We were playing ‘Colour bingo’. We saw lots of green and brown in the vegetation around us but also blue sky and some very pink noses! It was very cold. We didn’t mind though because we had our wellies and warm clothes. We looked for ‘V’ shaped sticks because we’re weaving next week. I can’t wait. See you then, Ms Lamb

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  1. class4 Reply

    Sage sounds like an interesting character…who is she and why is she in the wildlife area?

    It’s lovely you can still spot all those colours as winter can be quite dull while we wait for spring to come with all it’s brightness.

    Mrs Hearson

  2. class1 Reply

    Dear Mrs Hearson, thank you for your enquiry. I will tell you what I know but I’m sure any of the Reception children in Class 1 or Class 2 would be very happy to tell you all about her.
    Sage appears in the Wildlife Area when we go out to our ‘Forest Schools’ session on Tuesdays. We didn’t see her this week but it was very cold!
    Perhaps she was in a Winter home like the ones we made the week before! She wears clothes which blend in with her environment and I think her camouflaged outfit makes her very difficult to spot. She missed a treat though because we did some twig weaving. You can come and see it in Class One where Mrs Stone and Miss Sky have made a beautiful garland hanging above our heads as you enter the classroom.
    We hope to see her this week because we’re going on a ‘Welly wander’ around the Wildlife Area and an ‘A to Z’ walk using our senses. You are right about Spring bringing changes of colour. We spotted tiny bright green shoots last week and we were very careful not to step on them. We love being outside and we hope to see Sage this week. We’ll let you know! Ms Lamb

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