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Forest Schools with Reception children in Class 2

Last week was very special in Forest Schools. We celebrated the change in the season and the children enjoyed performing our ‘leaf storm’ as we shook our parachute and made some wind! We’re really get the hang of Forest Schools now. We reply to the call ‘One, two, three, where are you?’ with ‘One, two, three, we’re here!’ We know which plants scratch or sting and we’re starting to learn some new skills like building towers with branches and twigs. Sophia, from Class 1 discovered a moth. It had beautiful muted colours and could only really be seen because of the flash of orange on its wings. Well spotted! We’re becoming really good nature explorers and we’ve been having lots of fun outside.

The weather has definitely ‘turned’ but we will still continue to go outside, especially for Forest Schools even if it’s raining! There is so much to learn and a little bit of drizzle isn’t going to get in the way. Please make sure you have a waterproof coat every day. You’re going to need it. We’ve had just a few weeks of Forest Schools but we’re building on the experiences and learning new skills we can use each time we visit the forest. You’d be amazed how much learning can take place around something as simple as a stick! We’ve made wands, built towers, mixed Autumnal potions……the sky’s the limit. More outdoor fun this week so don’t forget your waterproof!

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