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We are fossil crazy in Class 6!

We had an enjoyable science lesson yesterday learning about the remarkable fossil expert Mary Anning and about how fossils are formed.

We are lucky to have some very old fossils in school which we carefully looked at.

Which is your favourite fossil Class 6?

During the lesson, we made our own fossils using Plaster of Paris (they didn’t quite take millions of years to form like real fossils do!)

Hopefully when we peel away the Plasticine, our shell fossils will look as realistic as the real fossils we looked at.

– Miss Land.

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  1. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I liked my fossil.I hope we get to take them home soon!

    • class6 Reply

      Definitely Manon! Hopefully after they have appeared in the KS2 museum!

  2. Sophie and Isobel Reply

    We loved making them and taking them out of the Plasticine even though some of them broke!

  3. Manon Reply

    Is there really a real museum in school?

  4. Charlie D and felix Reply

    I wanna take my one home.

    I really like doing fossils as our topic.

  5. Freddie Morgan Reply

    I love fossils they are so interesting and deli cat. : )
    I found a massive fossil be for at whitby beach it was really hard
    to find.

  6. Freya Reply

    I enjoyed making the fake fossils with you.:):):)

  7. Livy and Elle Reply

    Elle’s favorite fossil is the spiral one and so is Livy’s!

  8. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I have enjoyed learning about fossils and it is very fun.

  9. Ella Reply

    My fossil was rather small and weird but I liked it.

  10. Rosa Reply

    When are we doing museum?

  11. Aaron smith Reply

    scarey fossil and scarey amanite !!

  12. Shannon Reply

    I enjoyed learning and reading about Mary Anning and what fossils she found.

  13. Ellie Reply

    I liked how my fossil turned out.

  14. Katarina Reply

    I loved doing fossils and learning obut Mary anning

  15. Reuben and Elliot Reply

    I like doing about fossils because it is fun and interesting.

    I like writing about fossils.

  16. lucia Reply

    I love learning about FOSSILS

  17. Morgan Reply

    At the wecend i wouid like to go to Whitby to find some amasing fossils.

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