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Class 4 had a special visitor on Monday afternoon. We welcomed Eurwen’s grandma who came to talk to us about her life. She showed us photos of different stages in her life and talked about where she lived and what she was doing at that time.  We were very interested to find out the fact that sweets were not always available and you needed a special ticket (coupon) to buy them. Please  find time to talk to older members of your family and find out how life was for them when they were growing up. May be they could show you some photos?

Also look out for the family tree attached to the homework this weekend. We look forward to seeing your completed sheets.

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  1. Charlotte Reply

    Daddy says his sweets were.smairties and popcorn he drunk orange juice and fanta.Mummy says here sweets were popping candy.She drunk Panda pops.

  2. class4 Reply

    I remember panda pops. I used to enjoy buying cola cubes from the local newsagents and I remember a bar of cadurys dairy milk costing 20p!

  3. Charlotte Reply

    That’s nice

  4. Beatrice Reply

    My daddy liked fruit pastilles. His grandma used to buy him butterscotch or mint humbugs too.
    His Dad owned a shop and sometimes let him have fruit lollies from there.
    My mum remembers that when she was a little girl the television didn’t run all night or even all day. Sometimes you could switch the tv on and there were no programmes! There was no cbeebies and no Nick jr. I wouldn’t like that!

  5. Poppy Reply

    My Mum says that curly wurlys and cream eggs were much bigger when she was little. My Mum got lemonade from the pop man when she was little. You did not have mobile phones when she was little.

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