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Getting to know you.

I really enjoyed the children talking about their families this afternoon. Some of you have such big families! I can’t wait to share the pictures that you brought in of you as babies.

Please remember to bring yours in if you haven’t already.


Miss. Plews

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Oh, Im looking forward to seeing the baby photographs too!

  2. Betsy Reply

    class 3 is the best!!!!

    • class5 Reply

      I think you have Class 5 and Class 3 mixed up Betsy!

  3. Mr Currie Reply

    Please invite me to see the baby photos!

    • class3 Reply

      Of course I will!

      Miss Plews

  4. Sophie Reply

    I love class 3 and class 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • class3 Reply

      Woohoo Sophie! I hope you have settled into class 5 well 🙂

      Miss Plews

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