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Growing graphs and difficult data!

In our science lessons we have been exploring animals including humans, and today we explored some very scientific graphs showing the growths charts of boy and girl babies. We had to identify data from these graphs and complete a table comparing old and new growth rates. We had to be very precise with this and after this we then discussed our findings to draw scientific conclusions.

Class 9 – what did you find from the data? What did you think to identifying the data and looking closely to the graphs?

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  1. Charlotte

    We found out that the babies that are new weigh more than babies that are old

  2. Molly

    This was so fun me and my partner had a lot fun ?

  3. Charlie

    Babies are usually heavier when they are born than old because they are more fussy about food…

  4. Kian and Kiko

    We really enjoyed it because we got to work together and think of our own problems to solve.

  5. Manon & Jade

    We really enjoyed investigating the graphs and data, it was interesting! ?We can’t wait until our next science lesson when we will find out more!

  6. Elle and Polina

    It was fairly tricky, but fun to do??????

  7. Ben

    I absoultly loved working out the graphs as it really challenged me especially the girls chart

  8. Olive

    I really enjoyed this lesson because it was a challenge.?

  9. Elle and Polina

    We found it quite confusing

  10. Becca

    I enjoyed this lesson.

  11. Beatrice and Tia

    This was hard at first but we got it then it was easy

  12. Elle ?

    It was great fun!?

    • oscar (school council) :P

      I agree!

  13. Elle ?

    I hope we focus on graphs again in science

  14. Jessie

    I didn’t really understand at first but my partner explained to me how to do it right.

  15. Ellen

    I enjoyed this lesson

    • oscar (school council) :P

      Me too!

  16. Ellen

    And it was fun because it was a challenge

  17. oscar (school council) :

    I really enjoy working with graph data!

  18. oscar (school council) :P

    So it combined my 1st and 3rd favourite subjects into one (Maths and Science) together!

  19. oscar (school council) :P

    I can’t wait to do more work in Science! And Maths!

  20. jasmine

    I really enjoyed learning about it as it was science and maths

  21. Shannon gatenby

    I enjoyi using graphs to find our data! However this was a tricky task to complete!