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Halloween Party

Thank you to the PTA for hosting a fantastic Halloween party last night at Park Grove. Lots of children from class 5 were there and they all looked fantastic. I too had a great time helping out at the event. I can’t wait until the next event and neither can everyone else in class 5!

Miss Clayton

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  1. henry Reply

    I really liked the Halloween party I also loved the songs the DJ put on

    • CHLOE Reply


    • CHLOE Reply


    • FELIX Reply

      so did i

  2. olive Reply

    I had a really good time at the Halloween party on Friday night.
    it was fun and I had fun dancing and seeing you there

    from olive

    • Dylan and Eurwen. Reply

      We had fun there to.

  3. Warqaa Reply

    I did not go to the Halloween party but I hope you had fun.

  4. Ela and Eurwen Reply

    We had a great time at the halloween disgo to.

  5. Ela and Eurwen Reply

    We had a great time at the hallween disco to.

    • Felix Reply

      I wish I was there

  6. thepta Reply

    Thank you so much for helping at this event and for your support. It was lovely to see so many teachers there (on a Friday night too). The costumes were fantastic and class 5 did you proud

  7. CHLOE Reply

    I had a great time

  8. CHLOE Reply

    did you have a good time?

  9. Ruby Reply

    the Halloween party was really good and all the costumes were
    great. But I did get a bit scared but thanks a lot for organizing it because it was really good.

  10. ellissia Reply

    ellissia really enjoyed the hallween disco. ellissia got best dreast. ellissia had the time of her life.

  11. henry Reply

    Cool FELIX

  12. Annie and Poppy Reply

    We realy enjoyed it! It was fun because lots of friends came.

  13. Felix Reply

    I hope everyone enjoyed it as I was not there

  14. freya Reply

    Evryone was drest up as spooky monsters

    everyone was dreast up as spooky monsters, goasts and devls.

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