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Hernán Cortés

Class 6 really enjoyed learning about Hernán Cortés this week. We learnt the very complicated story about Cortés arriving in Mesoamerica (modern day Mexico) in 1519, being mistaken by the Aztecs as a Snake god and taking heaps of gold back to Spain! We loved acting out the story to help us understand it and were all saddened by the fact that when Cortés went back to Mesoamerica, the Aztecs ended up being wiped out from Small Pox or from fighting the Spanish. What an epic tale…!

Miss Land.

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  1. Dinithi Reply

    I really enjoyed learning about Hernan Cortes

  2. Miss Clayton Reply

    It sounds like you have been having lots of fun in class 6 learning about Cortés!

  3. Annabelle Reply

    I enjoyed leaning about hernan cortes

  4. Franchesca Reply

    I loved doing about Hernan Cortes it was really fun.THANK YOU MISS LAND

  5. Rebecca Reply

    I loved the lesson that you did miss Land on Heran cortes it was fab :]

  6. chloe and furgus Reply

    I loved doing hernan cortes it was very fun.

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