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High Adventure!

As if starting a new school year isn’t exciting enough, the Year 6s at Park Grove always have the added excitement of their school residential to High Adventure in the second week…and this year we had a fantastic visit!

We set off on a slightly soggy Monday, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits and our coach was buzzing with excitement, ready to tackle the challenges of the week. The brilliant thing about High Adventure is that we are given so many new and challenging experiences! Over the course of the week, we tackled a range of challenging and exhilarating activities: caving, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, orienteering, weaselling, the labyrinth, archery, the low ropes and the high ropes – which of course includes the infamous Leap of Faith! Each day at High Adventure offers a new challenge for the Year 6s to conquer and an opportunity to overcome their fears, whether it’s abseiling out of an extremely high window, wriggling their way through a wet and muddy cave or navigating through a dark, cramped labyrinth!

We are all so proud of everything the Year 6s accomplished during the week, and not just the obvious challenges but all the little ones too. We have a lovely group of Year 6s who really looked out for and supported one another through all the activities, and I’m sure they definitely have a few stories to tell. Why don’t you ask them about it when you next see them?!

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