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Homework 20th January


This week we will be looking at alphabetical order and alliteration. We will be linking the two together by each writing an alliterative sentence about an animal found in the rainforest. Have a go at writing an alliterative sentence at home. Eg, Amazing Amy admired the awesome aardvarks. Can you do one including your name?  Why not bring them in to show us?


In Maths this week we will be thinking about subtraction. We will be using the words taking away and find the difference as methods for finding the answers to subtraction calculations. Can you write down some subtraction calculations and find the answer? Bring these in to share at school. In addition to this, we will be using money. We will use addition to find totals and subtraction to find amounts of change. Can you create money calculations and find the answer? For example, if I bought a toy soldier for 15p and a rubber for 12p how much would I have spent? Bring it in to show us!


We will be learning about animals which live in the rainforest and how they are adapted to the environment. In ICT we will be doing some word processing including editing, saving and retrieving pieces of work.

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